One to One Photography Training

I get asked a lot about providing one to one photography training.  There are many subjects I get asked to help with and below are just a few.

For many of my clients they prefer to learn at their own pace and with one on one attention where we work on both on your weakness and on accountability.

It’s important to push yourself and to grow as they say, “you are only as good as your next Photograph.”

I have several options available depending on what you need and where you are at with your photography.  Below are the main 4 options I have put together following feedback from my clients I have worked with.  If you want to look at something bespoke for you then please let me know and we can work out something tailored to suit you. 


  • Studio lighting
  • location lighting
  • Automotive subjects
  • Posing
  • composition


  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Social Media
  • Accountability

One Year full training/coaching

If your looking to take both your photography and business to the next level, then committing to a year could be for you. 

The on-line hours included can be taken at a verity of times.  It maybe one week you need 2 or more hours and others you will need 1 or none.  The hours are tracked rather than having to take them on a set day/week each month. 

There is homework to complete….. not only the business side and accountability but also with photography and new images. 

Please note that I only take one specialist photographer in their geographical area.  
I currently can not take on any Equine Photographers in the UK


4 Days in person training
36 hours on-line training
Access to my on-line training (coming soon)
25% discount on workshops I run directly

Limited Spaces
I have 4 spaces available each year to ensure my clients get the most from me.

ONE to ONe In person day

These days tend to be more Photography focused.  Where I can come to your studio/location and we can work on improving your photography.  We can work on or all – external flash lighting, studio lighting or natural light.

If running a studio we can also look at the studio space, how you are running the business.  Depending on what you need.


One day of in person training at your location
1 hour zoom meeting before the day
1 hour zoom catch up after the day (for any questions that may come up later)

Limited Spaces
These also have limited availability depending on bookings already in the diary.  Please contact me at least a month ahead of when you would like the day.

On-line training only

You have a couple of options with on-line one to ones, you can either have a one off session or you can sign up to commit to a year.

This will depend on what you are looking for training wise.  You may need some one off help on a particular area.  Could be something business bases or it could be a photography related issue.  Or maybe you want some guidance and accountability for a year to help you grow your business/photography. 


You can choose between 
*A One off one to one via zoom (90 minutes)
*One year of monthly one to one’s via zoom. (60 minutes each).

Ready to take your photography/business to the next level?

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  • If you are interested in any one to one training please provide website/social media page etc
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