One to One Training

One to One training

Take your photography to the next level.

Want to take your photography to the next level? Understand flash and lighting? A one to one could be just what you need.

Choose what suits you and your needs

One to One’s can be in person or on-line depending on what you need.  Although I specialize in Automotive many of the photographers I help and train are from many different genres from equine and dog photography to family portraits.

In Person

One to One

Work better learning in person?  Want to concentrate on your learning needs?   Choose a half or full day practical one to one lesson.


One to One

90 minute on-line session via zoom.  Want help with your photography but not a full practical?  An on-line session could be just for you. We can look and discuss your images and how to take them to the next level.

12 Month

One to One

I have a few photographers on a 12 month photography program.  This program not only looks at your imagery but also at your business. The program is completely catered to you as an individual and business.  It can be mix of in person and on-line or for some it is just on-line.

Please note I have limited availability for all of the above

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