Motorcycle lighting workshops

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Join me on one of my Motorcycle Lighting Workshops, learning to Photograph and Light Motorcycles in a Dramatic Style. 
Not only will you come away with an in-depth knowledge of lighting and shaping a motorcycle but also having had on hands experience.

As people work in many different ways, I find that making sure you have hands on learning enables you to be able to learn better.  Following the workshop with a 2 hour editing zoom lesson allows you to practice your editing on the images you photographed on the day.

What the Motorcycle Lighting Workshops includes

On the day


What workshop attendees say


Loxley Colour - Glasgow
9th June 2022

10 - 4pm
Not only enjoy the full day training but also a chance to look at products for your Automotive Photography and meet the Loxley Team


PAY BOOKING FREE ONLY - £99 with the rest invoiced a month before with code : Bookingfeeonly


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